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Have a dive into our 5 various bag styles


NELO Shoulder Chic Bag - The NELO is a chic piece which could be dressed up or down using the strap adjustments. A Shoulder and a Messenger bag. it’s astonishing how much it can hold...your necessities and eXtra.

Made from 100% cotton Ankara.

- ASHA Waist Bum Bag - The ASHA is a practical piece made for people on the go. Unlike handbags, they do not have to be carried, and unlike backpacks, they do not put undue strain on the back.

The straps have tri-glide slides, making them able to be adjusted to fit. Can be worn on the waist with the bag securely in front or across the body for an edgy look.

Main fabric is 100% cotton Ankara.

- GRACE - The GRACE bag is a sturdy rectangular shaped piece with closed with two handles and sufficient room.

This sample piece has for studs on the bottom, to enable it to stand on the ground. With a silver hardware.

This piece symbolises strength, confidence and divine favour. The construction of each GRACE bag requires 12 hours of handicraft

Main fabric is 100% cotton Ankara.

- TOBI - The TOBI laptop bag was crafted for the tech lover who’d rather have their laptop and it’s power cable on the go. It’s got extra space for other bits you may need. 

This piece is also suited for a light travel.

Main fabric is 100% cotton Ankara.

- ZAINAB  - the ZAINAB is a sophisticated clutch with lush gathers. Wearing this piece adds a luxe feel to your look.

Made from 100% cotton Ankara.

Dimensions:- 15 inches width and 10 inches height.

the ZAINAB appears larger on sight 

- The WEZA mini bag is a cute piece that adds a statement to your look. It could be worn casually or dressy. A playful piece as well the WEZA adds quirkiness to a look. It could also serve as a subtle colour pop.

Dimensions:- 6.5 inches width at its widest point and 5.5 inches height.

the WEZA could a lip kit and a small phone.


All pieces are Made from 100% cotton Ankara in sustainable conditions.