please Stay Safe - this too shall pass
please Stay Safe - this too shall pass
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the ONYI bonnet

- Silk Ankara Reversible Double Layered Bonnet.

Made with the most chic silk Ankara prints accompanied with reversible lining in a mono colour and sealed with a comfortable elasticated headband. Look more beautiful while you lounge at home or run a quick errand.



- Reversible both sides silk.

- Comfortable and secure elastic band to make sure bonnet stay out all night.

- Suitable for short and full hair.

- Handmade.

- Created to make you look good while lounging at home.

- Silk fabric used on both sides to avoid the transfer of hair products to the pillow and face.

Our Bonnets

• reduces frizz 

• cuts down on split ends

• maintains moisture

• minimises hair tangling

• prevents oil-transfer from hair to pillow and face

• large room for braids

• snug feel during the winter months


Care instructions 

- Hand wash only

- Do not tumble dry

- Iron on low heat



- Silk Satin (both sides)





Band - 9 inches stretches to 16 inches 

Body - 15 inches L x 20 inches W



Band - 9 inches stretches to 16 inches

Body - 9 inches L x 13 inches W